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Have your say! Boundary review

by Brian Dalton on 14 October, 2015

If you live adjacent to Harnham (or Salisbury), please click the link and have your say whether you wish to ‘move’ into the City or not.

Your Council Tax will massively increase if you do!

Please click here.

Salisbury City Council is pushing to extend its boundary, including swallowing up parts of the Netherhampton and Coombe Bissett Parishes, adding them into the Harnham ward.

The areas adjacent to Harnham are the old Wellworthy site on Netherhampton Rd, which is part of Netherhampton Parish, and the new Lywood Close development at the top of Old Blandford Rd, which is part of the Britford Parish.

The proposal, pushed by the Tories, would bolster the City council coffers, as Council Tax collected from these areas would then go to the City council.

Their scheme included wanting to swallow up Wilton and Laverstock, but Tories backed down on Wilton. Empire building without consultation? Sounds like they got this idea from their creation of Wiltshire Council!

Wiltshire Council have asked Parishes if they wanted to look at their Boundaries and the City council have upset their neighbours doing this, especially Laverstock.

Wiltshire will make a final decision at a special council meeting on November 24th, in Trowbridge.

While the proposal to include some parts into Harnham may sound a logical idea, those residents will see their Council Tax rocket, if the proposal goes ahead, as the City precept is far higher than their current Parish precept.

For example, in 2015/16 tax year, a Council

Tax Band D property would pay a precept of:

Britford Parish £15.88

Netherhampton Parish £9.04

City Council £105.00

A massive increase, with no gain to the resident!

If residents in these areas, after consultation, agree to ‘move’ into the City, and subsequently Harnham ward, then they would be welcomed with open arms. To force them just for financial gain into the City, is neither right or democratic.


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