New Harnham Ward Boundary for 2021

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) are reviewing the Wiltshire council Ward Boundaries. Surprisingly, they are content to keep 98 wards, which is really unheard of. Neighbouring Cornwall, are being reduced from 123 to 87 councillors. Toilet talk perhaps with the Baroness and LGBCE?

Harnham is at last, being re-united, which is good news. Lower, Middle and Upper Streets and this area, will re-join the rest of Harnham, which was ridiculously ‘split’ by Wiltshire council in 2008.

I have supported the proposal, but on one condition: That the council revisit the East/West split. But I should have guessed, that they have not involved me, or consulted me, after several failed promises to do so. The line just needs ‘tinkering’, as I believe, there will be too many electors in the West, then East.

The West will include the very contentious Netherhampton development, of 740 new houses. I believe this is the only Urban/Country breach in Wiltshire.

But as usual, Wiltshire council officers and Tory councillors are not listening. But I will submit my comments to the LGBCE to this effect, along with my proposal for East/West split.

If you feel strong on this issue, please comment. The consultation ends on  5th November and can be viewed here:


Tory cabinet ‘aproves’ housing allocations

The cabinet this morning, recommended approval to full council next Tuesday, the housing allocation sites, which has caused consternation locally.

The only adjustments they made, was lopping off some housing for Market Lavington. Crazy.

So, we are likely to be faced with 740 houses along Netherhampton Rd. My cynical head tells me, this number will increase.

The council’s Transport Strategy document has already shown a huge 17% increase along Netherhampton/Harnham Rd between 2006 & 2016.

Yet the document goes on to say that the traffic will decrease in 2026, compared to 2016! Just what planet did this document come from? We all know that’s just not true. Yet this is just what the council wants, to help prove its case for housing here.

I spoke against at cabinet today (3rd July) citing many reasons. Exposing this document; massive traffic already through Salisbury; the increase to come; (Tory) landowners rubbing their hands at the land allocations.

Salisbury will become a gridlock. Is it time to debate an orbital ring-road around Salisbury?


Tories to close tourist information centre, and relocate it in Maltings

You couldn’t make this up. The Tories voted to close the tourist information centre (TIC) behind the Guildhall- the centre of town, to relocate it to Shopmobility, under Sainsbury’s.

This is a barmy decision by a barmy council.

They plan to spend approx £37,000 of local taxpayers money on this short term, short sighted scheme. The Maltings is due for development, so it’ll have to move again.

An award winning TIC will be killed off.

Our manifesto is being written. The TIC will be moved back to the Guildhall.

Harnham’s Tory cllr Jackson, voted to move it. This will come back and bite those Tories.

Barmy, barmy, barmy.

Coombe Rd Railings UPDATE

Hurrah! I’ve Got both local councils to paint the railings in Coombe Rd. One will supply paint, the other, labour!

This will finally tidy up, what was an eyesore until last year, when the rails were repaired by Wiltshire, after years of nagging and nagging!

Coombe Rd White Railings

At long last and after years of waiting and numerous complaints to Wiltshire Council, the white handrail, which was broken in numerous places, was finally repaired a few weeks ago.

The next job is to ‘nag’ to get the whole rail painted white – watch this space!

Tories approve draft Housing sites plan – Public Consultation begins 14th July

Wiltshire’s ruling Tories have approved the draft Housing sites plan, which if approved (very likely) then an additional 840 houses, without infrastructure, will be built in and around Harnham. This includes:

  • 100 new homes just to the south west of Woodbury Rise, Rowbarrow.
  • 100 new homes near Waldron’s Farm, Netherhampton Rd (North)
  • 640 new homes near the Cattle Market, Netherhampton Rd (south)

The council will be running a public meeting in Salisbury on 19th July at the Guildhall, from 12pm to 7pm, where Officers from the Council will be available during the day to answer questions about the draft Plan.

Further details will follow in due course, with links to the consultation on this website.