Cllr Brian Dalton. Working for Harnham

Wiltshire & City Councillor for Harnham. Born in Harnham, always lived in Harnham ward, battles for Harnham in Trowbridge Learn more


Here is just some of the casework that i have dealt with over the years, but in no order:

  • Did not support the Conservative budget at the City Council, which raised our bills by 16.6% in 2014.
  • Roads – Essex Square & Norfolk Rd – resurfacing has now taken place. This has taken several years of ‘nagging’ to get these done! I will now lobby for Sussex Rd and Ravenscroft to be done as a matter of urgency. Old Blandford Rd WILL be done soon!
  • Parsonage Green – Worked with residents (fronting the Green) and scheme has been drawn up for restricted parking here, involving single and double yellow lines. It’s a real problem here at school times and the bus very often gets stuck. The traffic order will be advertised on March 13th and the consultation will run until 6th April.
  • Hollows Close – Residents here are after a scheme as exists in Saxon Rd. They want school traffic banned from using Hollows Close. This again, is a real big issue here that needs a solution. Parents can park in nearby Old Blandford Rd and walk the very short safe distance to school. Funding has been successfully secured and a traffic order is imminent.
  • Odstock Rd Safe Crossing Points – Residents have campaigned for many years for safe crossing points here. I have successfully requested the council to do traffic monitoring here over a period of time. This has now been done and I have successfully secured £5,500 which is enough for two safe crossing points; one at the top and one at the bottom of Odstock Rd, by the bus stops.
  • Cycle Link from East to West Harnham – I am lobbying very hard to get this cycle link developed. Coombe Rd to Old Blandford Rd will be developed this year. I will keep pushing for this to be done.
  • Many Housing issues, on a daily basis.  This matter is getting worse, due to the ‘Bidding system’ and a lack of affordable housing.
  • Successfully fought for and secured funding to get the tattiest shelters around our City replaced, including the one on Harnham Rd by Harnleigh Green and a new shelter at the bottom of Hollows Close, which is used alot by residents in Gawthorne Drive.  The two disgraceful shelters on New Bridge Rd have also be replaced.
  • A footpath/cycle link from West Harnham to the Cattle Market/Sportsfields.  I made a request for funding and this was approved.  The path is now in use.
  • Criticised the County Council for spending £375,000 on rebranding for the new Wiltshire Council during their early one council take over.  This included £112,000 for new clothing for front line staff.  This money would have been better spent on providing services to our residents, rather than wasting it on rebranding, which should have been phased in at no cost.
  • Fought to get a controlled crossing point on Netherhampton Rd.  A much needed Zebra Crossing has now been installed near the junction of Norfolk Rd.
  • Campaigned for Real Time displays in Bus Stops in West Harnham – The Tories missed us out several years ago!  A list of Bus stops have been provided to council officers and works have now been completed in Wiltshire Rd & Essex Square.
  • Pushed for traffic calming measures on Norfolk Rd by the shops. A traffic order was advertised showing the new scheme, which is now in place.
  • With no political will from a previous Tory controlled District Council in 2003, I got the ball rolling for the Harnham School’s green travel plan proposal for Saxon Rd. Residents were involved in the process all the way on proposals to alter the junction at Saxon Rd/Parsonage green, with traffic restrictions to non residents of Saxon Rd and permits for residents. Approval was given to the scheme and the work was carried out during the school summer holidays in 2007.
  • Along with Harnham Residents, I tried to fight Boundary proposals, put forward by Conservatives locally in Salisbury, which split Harnham up, moving parts into St Martin division.  Residents were furious (and still are) and they fought this proposal with the Boundary Committee and the Electoral Commission.  Unfortunately, these proposals have now come into being – after a long fight.