Cllr Brian Dalton. Working for Harnham

Wiltshire & City Councillor for Harnham. Born in Harnham, always lived in Harnham ward, battles for Harnham in Trowbridge Learn more

About Me

My name is Brian Dalton. I was elected to Wiltshire County Council in 2005, representing the vast Salisbury South Division – some 13,000 electors.

I was also a Councillor on Salisbury District Council (SDC), first elected to the Harnham Ward in 1995, then elected in 2003 representing the newly formed West Harnham Ward. I was re-elected in May 2007, but ceased as a District Councillor on April 1st 2009, as the revered SDC was abolished.

At SDC, I was the Portfolio Holder (Cabinet member) for Community Initiatives, which included our Swimming Pools & Leisure Centres, the Arts, and Communtiy Safety. In this capacity, for our District, I:
•Reopened our Leisure Centres on Bank Holidays, which were previously closed by Conservatives.
•Free swimming in school holidays for under 16’s. This commenced in August 2007.
•Free swimming for over 60’s. This commenced in January 2009.
•Upgraded our Leisure Centres at a cost of some £550,000.
•Restored the £50,000 grants to the Arts organisations. The Conservatives had cut this.
•Gave out Community Grants of over £200,000.
•Restored the funds, which the Conservatives cut, to enable our City Hall to be completely refurbished.

This post ceased on 1st April, as Salisbury District Council was unfortunately abolished.

As a West Harnham Councillor, in the past few years i have secured:
•£80,000 funding for the cycle link to the Cattle Market.
•£45,000 for Bus Shelters to be replaced in the Harnham area.
•£15,000 for a Zebra Crossing on Netherhampton Rd.
•£12,500 for Real Time Passenger Information at some of our Bus Stops.
•£2,000 Grant to the Harnham Water Meadows Trust.
•£1,050 Grant to the Harnham Community Sports & Social Club.
•Nearly £10,000 to be spent in the Town Path area.
•Secured over £10,000 to get the white railings on Coombe Rd repaired. This took far too long, but was completed in May 2017.
•Secured almost £6,000 of funding to get two crossing points on Odstock Rd, by Ridings Mead.
•£2,000 to get the crossing point on Coombe Rd (white railings) and huge signs to warn drivers.
•£2,500 funding to get a much needed footpath marked out from Lywood Close to Harnwood Rd. This is currently being commissioned.

On June 4th 2009, i was elected to the newly formed Wiltshire Council, run from Trowbridge. This took over the functions of the former county & district councils.

I was also elected to the newly created Salisbury City Council the same day. This is a Parish Council for Salisbury City, dealing with parks, open spaces, the crematorium, Bus shelters etc. The Mayor of Salisbury is elected from these councillors. In 2009, i became the Deputy Mayor of our City.

On May 15th 2010, i became the 750th Mayor. My year ended on 21st May 2011 and i was very proud to raise £14,269.83 for the Stars Appeal for their new NICU unit. Work begins to build this in early 2012.

In May 2013, I was re-elected to both Wiltshire Council and Salisbury City Council, with increased majorities.

I was re-elected in 2017 to both Wiltshire Council and Salisbury City Council. Thank you for your trust in me. I will fight for residents and Harnham, not any political party.

I have lived in West Harnham all my life; attending both Harnham Infants and Junior Schools, where i have such great memories.

My parents were Married at St Martin’s Church in 1946 and lived in Culver St & then Paynes Hill in the centre of Town, before moving to Wiltshire Rd, West Harnham in 1964, where i still live. My grandparents (Dad’s side) lived in Devizes Road for almost 70 years. My Mum’s parents Albert & Ada Burton, lived in Culver Street too, where they ran their own shop. The Burton Family have lived in this area for well over 200 years. My Great Uncle, William James Burton is remembered on our War Memorial in the Guildhall Square. He was killed in the 3rd Battle of Ypres on 9th September 1917. Almost 100 years ago.