Cllr Brian Dalton. Working for Harnham

Wiltshire & City Councillor for Harnham. Born in Harnham, always lived in Harnham, battles for Harnham in Trowbridge Learn more

Happy New Year

by Brian Dalton on 31 December, 2016

Wishing all  Harnham residents a very Happy New Year. I hope Christmas went well. I look forward to meeting many of you over the coming months and please do contact me anytime. I’m here to help you.

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Bus service consultation

by Brian Dalton on 21 January, 2016

Wiltshire council are carrying out a consultation on bus services which they subsidise. They will be cutting funding to these and Harnham buses are likely to be affected. That’s the r1 and r5 sertvices. I strongly encourage you  to take the survey and give your views. We already have no r5 service on Sundays after […]

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Have your say! Boundary review

by Brian Dalton on 14 October, 2015

If you live adjacent to Harnham (or Salisbury), please click the link and have your say whether you wish to ‘move’ into the City or not. Your Council Tax will massively increase if you do! Please click here. Salisbury City Council is pushing to extend its boundary, including swallowing up parts of the Netherhampton and […]

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Street Lights to be switched off to save money

by Brian Dalton on 16 June, 2015

Wiltshire council will be switching off almost half its street lights after midnight, in a bid to save money. Some permanently. Click HERE to read their report. And click HERE for Map 1 of Salisbury and HERE for Map 2 of Salisbury. Whilst i’m aware the council needs to save money, their consultation falls way […]

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Green Bin – Sticker Problems

by Brian Dalton on 16 June, 2015

There has been an issue with the stickers sent out by the council for the Green Bins. If yours is not sticking to the Bin, please call the council and they will send out a new one to you. Their number is (01225) 713 000.

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Council axes Vision funding

by Brian Dalton on 26 March, 2015

Wiltshire Council has axed funding to the Vision board, which the public really has no confidence in anyway. Board members, were allegedly not even made aware of the decision. Click here to read the Journal report.  

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Council Quizzed on City Boundary Extension

by Brian Dalton on 24 March, 2015

Wiltshire Council quizzed on residents’ consultation on being swallowed up into the City – and will pay a huge council tax increase. Click HERE to hear my query to the cabinet member.

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Montague Rd to get major patch resurfacing

by Brian Dalton on 22 February, 2015

Montague Rd is having major patching works done and works are due to start very soon. A road closure order, to enable to works to carry out has been advertised. More details to follow.

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Trowbridge answer to car park issue – make 10p cheaper!

by Brian Dalton on 18 February, 2015

The Conservatives have suggested that by making current parking charges 10p cheaper, and making two well-underused car parks £1 an hour, will be good for Salisbury and solve the car parking issue that they created. The two car parks proposed at £1 an hour will be Culver Street and Southampton Rd, opposite the College. The […]

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Save our NHS: Salisbury

by Brian Dalton on 6 February, 2015

Please take a moment to read and sign this petition, from the respected 38 Degrees. Click here.

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