Sainsbury’s, Southampton Rd – Planning Application lodged with council

The controversial Sainsbury’s planning application on Southampton Rd, has been submitted to Wiltshire Council for determination.

You can see the application and submit comments by clicking here.

Hollows Close & Folkestone Rd Traffic Order Advertised

Wiltshire council have now advertised the above traffic order. To see the order and to make any comments, please click the link here.

Parsonage Green – Consultation ends

The public consultation regarding the yellow lines in Parsonage Green has come to an end. More details will be posted here shortly.

Bus Station interchange to be included in Maltings re-development

At the Area Board meeting on Thursday, click to see agenda, Stanhope gave an update on the Maltings re-development.

They have stated that a Bus Station interchange WILL now be included within the new development. This is great news for Salisbury, but this decision must now surely make the City council think again about wasting more public money (£10,000 so far allocated) on consultancy fees, about it taking over the old Bus Station site and running it as a Bus Station. Any final decision, could cost us £100,000′s in tax payer’s money.

Click here to see the Minutes of the City council meeting on 20th January, which approved further spending on this now ‘pet scheme’. For info, all Conservative councillors voted for this, along with one Independent and one green councillor.

A valid point has been made, listing it as an ‘asset of community value’, but to waste more public money is now becoming more than a joke.

Harvard Hospital, Coombe Rd – 1950

Please click to see a very interesting video of the Common Cold Unit at Harvard Hospital on Coombe Rd in 1950.

Who’s the lady walking up the road?

Coombe Rd: White railings – update

I met on site with highway officers and talked through residents concerns. From our talks:

  • The banks will be cleared back off of the path.
  • The chalk mounds cleared away. These could potentially slip onto the path.
  • Fallen trees will be removed.
  • The path swept.
  • The rails will be renewed where they are missing and broken ones replaced.
  • Missing uprights will be replaced at the crossing point.

And i am pushing for a coat of white paint!

The rails have fallen into unsightly disrepair over the years. I’m glad something will now be done about it.

Parsonage Green traffic order out for consultation



The traffic order has been published in the Journal this week and the public consultation will run from 13th March to 7th April.

If you support the scheme, then please send your comments by post or email, quoting reference LJB/TRO/SALS to:

TRO Team
Highways & Transport
Sustainable Transport Group
County Hall
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN

Email: [email protected]

Coombe Rd white railings and crossing point

I am meeting with Wiltshire council highways officers next Monday at 10am about the state of the crossing and railings along here. I will be pushing very hard for:

Fallen tree stumps etc to be cleared

Chalk mounds to be removed. These could cause a likely landslip onto the footpath

Railings to be repaired like for like

The crossing point to be repaired and some signs for oncoming traffic to warn drivers of the crossing

A hopeful repaint of the railings.


I was initially asked my view on the closure of the crossing point from Harvard Heights to Bouverie Ave. I would not support its closure. Although not ideal, it is widely used. Some minor maintenance here will make all the difference.

I will update further.

At last – Salisbury’s worst roads will be re-surfaced

Crater ridden Brown Street and Part St Ann’s Street will be resurfaced, starting 27th April. This will be followed by:
Exeter Street – Following on from Brown Street and should be completed by 15th June (Sunday working only on both of these sites).
Queen Alexandra Road.
Roman Road.
Milford Hill.
Devonshire Road
Park Street.
St Mark’s Road.
Silver Street/Minster Street.
Seth Ward Drive.
Mill Road.
Bedwin Street.

There are other sites which are down for preventative treatment. Depending on what is found on site, it could be total resurfacing. These include:

Part of Endless Street – from Winchester Street to Chipper Lane.
Fisherton Street – from Summerlock Approach to High Street.
Summerlock Approach – From Fisherton Street to Chapel Lane.
Old Blandford Road.
Harnham Road junc with Saxon Road.
St Marks Avenue

Waitrose Slip Road on to Churchill way Westbound.
Pembroke Road.
Folkestone Road.
Estcourt Road.
Cherry Orchard Lane.
Pennyfarthing Street.

All, about time too!

Parsonage Green

The consultation for the traffic order in Parsonage Green will be advertised in the Journal on 13th March. The public consultation will run from 13th March to 6th April.

If you support the scheme, you are encouraged to write to the council and say so! Those that don’t, will.

More to follow.